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Pros And Cons Of Smart Glass

Updated: May 20

Glass is one of the best aesthetic materials for modern architecture and interior design. It has proven to advance functionality, unlike conventional materials. As technology evolves, the glass industry finds innovative ways to improve glass partitions' design, function, and look. Evidence of this is the smart glass. Years back, we would not have thought it possible for glass to serve the numerous functions that smart glass does today. Yet, this is only a fraction of its future advancement.

What is a Smart Glass?

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass, privacy glass, or light control glass, can control the amount of light that passes through it.

This glass divides your space easily without shutting out light and visibility, yet providing utmost privacy. Its light transmission properties can be changed when an electric current is passed through it. That way, with the flip of a switch, smart glass can turn opaque or transparent, depending on your choice.

Wonder how the smart glass possesses such ability? It is manufactured using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Technology, which suspends liquid crystal droplets into a polymer base. These liquid crystals are scattered, blocking the passage of light through the glass layer and making it opaque. However, when an electric current passes through it, the crystals become aligned, making light pass through it and turn transparent.

Due to smart glass's impressive features and functionalities, it is usually used as doors, walls, and windows in offices, boardrooms, homes, galleries, hospitals, etc. It's preferred in these places because it controls natural light efficiently and effectively.

Pros of a Smart Glass

Smart glass comes with quite several benefits, and a few are listed below:

  • Versatility

The ability of switchable glass to serve various purposes is beyond that of other glasses. Switchable glass can be used not just as doors, windows, and walls; it can also help as a whiteboard and a projector screen for training, advertising, and educational purposes.

This glass can also be made into a fire-resistant glass or laminated glass. Its incredible versatility makes it a choice for glass.

  • Ease of Use

Smart glass can be easily used with the help of a switch. It can also be controlled through voice, motion sensors, and apps on smart devices. This is an upgrade compared to going through a long process to achieve the same result.

  • Style/Designs

Smart glass has various designs to suit different purposes depending on where it is installed. It also beautifies and gives a contemporary look.

This diversity makes smart glass more attractive and preferable for architects, interior designers, and clients.

Beauty and creativity are two significant aspects of glass designs that people seek before considering a specific glass to install. Thankfully, technology has made smart glass possess all the qualities and arts needed to satisfy different specs.

  • Energy Conservation

Switchable glass is made to adapt to heat and cold, unlike ordinary glass. It saves energy and eliminates the need for curtains, shades and blinds.

Switchable glass gives you control of the temperature in your space. That means you can maintain the coolness this glass emits irrespective of the weather outside. With a simple switch, you can choose whether to get some sunlight.

  • Access to Natural Light

With a switchable smart glass, you can access natural light without ultraviolet radiation, which boosts your energy, increases your focus and makes you more productive during the day. Additionally, you will have a healthier sleep pattern.

  • Projector Screen

Smart Glass can be a projector screen for schools, stores, office meetings, business meetings, training and seminars. It saves costs and improves engagement, productivity, and efficiency in learning.

Cons of a Smart Glass

Every technological development has a downside, no matter how wonderful it may seem. Smart glass has very few cons, which are only meant to give you a complete package of all you need to know about the glass. Here we go:

  • High Price

Although smart glass is more expensive than others, its starting price had begun to reduce because it is becoming much more popular, unlike when it was relatively new in the market.

Smart glass is a smart investment despite the price because it is more efficient and effective for any space.

  • The need for electricity

You will need electricity to operate the smart glass, switching it from opaque to transparent. This does not contradict the fact that it still conserves your energy when using natural light.

  • Installation

Installing smart glass requires a professional with a track record of excelling. Any mistake in installation could cause irreversible losses and possibly damages.

So if you are going to invest in smart glass, you need to ensure that it is in good hands. And with our experts at Smart Glass Africa, you can be assured of a state-of-the-art service.

There are a few kinds of smart glass in the market, and if you seek the best option available, Smart Glass Africa is at your service. We manufacture, deliver, and install the smart glass you need at the best price and quality, bringing you the utmost efficiency and profitability.


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