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Enhancing Home Comfort With Smart Glass: Exploring The Benefits

Updated: May 20

Few places reach right into your heart as your home. Regardless of how charming or modest any other place is, it does not stop you from checking your timepiece to know when you are hitting the road back home.

With such an endearing connection between you and your home, giving it a facelift to suffice your accommodation need and appeal to your sense of aesthetics is something you will always love to do.

Smart Glasses have become rapidly popular in architectural designs. Homes, offices, hotels, schools, clubhouses and mall owners are discovering the benefits of having smart glasses in their facilities. We have worked on many smart glass projects across the country at Smart Glass Africa.

In the course of executing these projects over the years, we have taken a holistic look at the benefits of having these glasses fitted in these facilities, not just from the perspective of a company trying to sell its wares but also from the accruing benefits enjoyed by the owners of these facilities.

This article will share some of the numerous benefits of installing our smart glass in your home.

The installation of intelligent glass in homes offers numerous advantages. Intelligent glass, also known as switchable glass or privacy glass, is a type of glass that changes from translucent to transparent at the touch of a button or remote control. Here are some of the key benefits of using smart glass in your home:

Noise Control

Minimising noise at home can be pretty difficult, especially when you are a parent. With our acoustic smart glass, you can achieve a good level of noise control regardless of the number of kids in the house. Our acoustic smart glass prevents noise from travelling from one part of the house to another. This kind of glass can be beneficial when you are working remotely. You can use it to map out your study area or home office and enjoy the same level of tranquillity you use to work on deliverables in your workplace.

Exposure To Natural Light

There is no substitute for sunlight light. Vitamin D's presence and mood-boosting ability cannot be obtained from artificial light. The transparency of our smart glass allows natural light to penetrate your home. It brightens your house, promotes the interiors and makes your home look bigger. You can also save more money on energy bills with our smart glass for your home due to the natural light it allows into your home.


Our smart glass partitions will easily allow you to connect one part of the house with another. You can work in your study room or home office and still have your protective eyes in your children’s room to monitor what is happening around them. More so, you can stylishly use our smart glass to link your kitchen with the dining area or your shower to the room so you can have your eyes on both places simultaneously with the ability to demand privacy when required.

Contemporary Look

Installing our smart glass in some sections of your home gives it a sleek and modern look and allows light to travel from one house section to another. With our intelligent glasses fitted in your home, you can settle for any furniture colour without bordering if it matches the painting on the walls. Additionally, our smart glass allows you to switch from an opaque view to a transparent one with just a click of a button.


Our smart glass allows you to alter your home with minimal disruptions. You can implement new innovative designs at intervals without moving your items out of the house or checking into a hotel or a friend’s apartment for a stay. By dismantling the smart glass and installing it in another part of your home, you are already living in a renovated house. Additionally, you can experiment with different shades of designs with just a click of a button.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping stains off our smart glass is relatively easy compared to a concrete wall. A repaint takes stains off a concrete wall, although certain paint allows you to wash off stains. However, the more you wash hard scrubbing stains off your painted surface, the more the quality and colour of the paint fade. With our smart glass, you can remove stains without losing the smart glass's beauty or quality.


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