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Say Goodbye to Curtains and Hello to Instant Privacy

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your curtains or blinds for privacy? Do you want a more luxurious and modern solution for your home? Allow abundant natural light into your home, and save on energy bills. Look no further than our switchable smart glass products.

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Achieve both Privacy
and Openness

Our smart PDLC film, also known as smart tint and privacy film, is the perfect solution for affluent homeowners looking to solve their window privacy needs. With just the flip of a switch, our smart glass products can instantly change from transparent to opaque, providing you with the ultimate privacy and luxury experience.

Don't settle for outdated and cumbersome window treatments. Upgrade your existing ordinary glass to our switchable smart glass and experience the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

Why Smart Glass for Home?


Smart glass allows you to easily connect one part of the house with another. It Stylishly links your kitchen with the dining area or your shower to the room, making your home feel larger and airy.


With switchable smart glass, you can easily control the level of privacy with just the touch of a button, making it a convenient solution for your privacy needs.

Exposure to Natural Light

Smart glass transparency allows natural light to penetrate your home. Save more money on energy bills due to the natural light it allows into your home.

UV protection

Switchable smart glass protects against harmful UV rays, protecting furniture and artwork from fading.

Easy Maintenance

Smart glass is not stained, making it a better sanitary substitute for blinds and curtains. Smart glass can be cleaned easily with the usual glass cleaner.


Switchable smart glass provides an added layer of security by being blast resistant and a barrier against forceful entry. 


Working with Smart Glass Africa was delightful. A client of ours needed smart glass. At first, we never knew that smart glass could be made in Nigeria. Their speed of delivery is also worth mentioning; while others promised 35 days delivery, Smart glass Africa delivered in 7 days. 

Michael Enemuo - CEO, Space Centurion

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