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Excellent sanitary substitute for blinds and curtains

Are you tired of outdated and cumbersome window treatments in your hospital? Look no further than our switchable smart glass, the perfect hygienic option for privacy in your hospital rooms. Access 100% daylight and view while cutting off 99% of harmful UV rays.

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Smart Glass offers many Benefits.

Create Natural
healing environment

Hospitals face the challenge of creating a clean and hygienic space and maintaining patient privacy while allowing natural light to flow through the building. Traditional window treatments like curtains and blinds can be cumbersome, difficult to clean, and can harbour germs and bacteria.

That's where our switchable smart glass products come in. Our smart PDLC film, also known as smart tint, can be installed on any existing glass, and it is the perfect solution for hospitals looking to create healing environments for patients while upholding a sterile, adequate facility that reduces the risk of contamination. With just the flip of a switch, our smart glass products can instantly change from transparent to opaque, providing patients the privacy they need while allowing natural light to flow through the building.

Smart glass offers many health benefits

The Health advantage of Sunlight

Smart glass allows maximum sunlight to stream while reducing dangerous UV rays by 99%, positively affecting patient recovery and staff morale.

Energy efficiency

Hospitals and clinics consume much energy, and reducing energy costs is a priority. Switchable smart glass windows can help reduce energy consumption by blocking out heat and UV rays, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Enhanced Patients Security and Privacy

Medical staff can use Smart Glass to monitor patients' progress and make observations without contaminating or upsetting them, which is especially helpful when handling contagious cases.


Patients and staff need to be comfortable in their environment. Intelligent glass windows can help regulate temperature and reduce glare, creating a more comfortable environment.

Sanitary substitute for Blinds and Curtains

Conventional blinds and curtains are harder to keep clean because dust and bacteria can accumulate on their surfaces more easily. Smart Glass cleaning and maintenance are easier.

Infection control

Hospitals and clinics need to maintain a clean and sterile environment to prevent the spread of infections. Switchable smart glass windows can be easily cleaned and disinfected, reducing the risk of infection.


Working with Smart Glass Africa was delightful. A client of ours needed smart glass. At first, we never knew that smart glass could be made in Nigeria. Their speed of delivery is also worth mentioning; while others promised 35 days delivery, Smart glass Africa delivered in 7 days. 

Michael Enemuo - CEO, Space Centurion

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