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We make glass do more

Smart Glass Africa enables the glasses in your offices, homes, hotels, stores, museums and clinics to become more functional and elegant. We make glass become a dynamic medium to display videos, switching from transparent to opaque at the click of a button. About Us

Switchable Smart Glass Office Transparent
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Smart glass,
countless possibilities

Instant Privacy

Smart glass switches from clear (transparent) to frosted (Opaque) at the click of a button, providing instant privacy. 

Projection screen

Smart glass can double as a whiteboard marker and a projection screen for offices, meeting room, stores, and public areas.

Convert existing glass

Any existing glass surface can become smart glass by installing our premium quality switchable smart film. 

Smart glass offers
much more

Natural Light

Smart opaquing glass eliminates harmful UV rays while letting in abundant natural light.

Noise Control

Intelligent glass blocks external noise and promotes serenity, eliminating distractions and sound intrusions.


When laminated, smart glass becomes blast-resistant and acts as a barrier against forceful entry.


Switchable smart glass is easier to clean, unlike conventional window coverings thats harder to clean, thereby accumulating dust and bacteria.

Advertising Medium

Smart switchable glass lets you display your product videos on glass walls or windows.

Energy efficient

Smart glass reflects sunlight away, providing good heat insulation reducing the air conditioner's workload, saving energy bills.


Working with Smart Glass Africa was delightful. A client of ours needed smart glass. At first, we never knew that smart glass could be made in Nigeria. Their speed of delivery is also worth mentioning; while others promised 35 days delivery, Smart glass Africa delivered in 7 days. 

Michael Enemuo - CEO, Space Centurion

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Make glass do more for you...

Application Switchable Smart Glass Office Transparent
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Demand privacy at the click of a button with our premium switchable privacy glass. Promote quietness, focus and productivity.

Application Switchable Smart Glass Shopfront Plain

With smart glass on your shopfront, it is easier to display videos of your products. You can constantly promote and advertise.

Application Switchable Smart Glass Office Meeting Room

Smart glass allows you to connect one part of your home with another. Stylishly link your kitchen to the dining area; likewise, showers to the room.

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Switchable Smart glass is easier to clean and maintain and offers a more hygienic option for privacy in your hospital rooms.

Experience Africa's innovation in a new light: Smart Glass!

Discover how Smart Glass Africa is revolutionizing glass and transforming your offices, homes, hotels, stores, museums and clinics into stunning works of art! Our remarkable smart glass and PDLC films add a new level of functionality to your spaces by transforming from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button.

​We're proud to offer our innovative products in African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo and Kenya. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

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