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Benefits Of Installing Smart Glass In The Office

Updated: May 20

Smart glass, also called switchable smart glass, opaquing or privacy glass, is a unique glass that alters the radiation of light transmitted through it. It can switch into a transparent, opaque or translucent glass electronically or through solar energy.

Switchable glasses are manufactured with electrochromic, photochromic, or thermochromic materials, providing natural light, blocking UV radiation, creating privacy, resisting dynamic conditions, and limiting energy use, amongst other benefits.

They are created by laminating switchable film on flat surfaces using polycarbonate, glass, or acrylic laminates or placing switchable film directly on their surface.

Switchable smart glass is the most preferred for office buildings, creating a stylish and sophisticated look. It is the best glass for board meetings and other crucial activities in an office that requires silence and privacy.

Here are some typical applications for smart glass in your office:

Office Partitions

Smart glass partitions are the best way to divide your office space without total modification. They create private offices as well as connected offices. Intelligent glass partitions will build a comfortable distance between employees while increasing productivity and using space effectively.


Smart glass can be made into pods which are easy to assemble and rearrange to create small office sections of various shapes and sizes. Pods are precious and versatile as they can be used to compartmentalise an office for a specific purpose.


Smart glass can be dividers between office desks to block eye level. Due to the spread of diseases and viruses, smart glass is chosen as a divider in offices to minimise the spread of infection while permitting open collaboration in office spaces.

Here are some benefits of installing smart glass in your office:

Promotes Privacy within the office

Unlike ordinary glass, PDLC smart glass is highly beneficial in regard to privacy. Smart glass is the latest and most popular technology used in organisations because it is dynamic it promotes the quietness and privacy needed for work and meetings. These are the top-most reasons smart glasses are purchased and installed in most offices.

Saves Energy

Some intelligent glasses can adapt to heat or cold to conserve energy in your office. In other words, you don’t have to worry so much about your electric bills piling up.

Smart glass or privacy switchable glass can also eliminate the need for shades and blinds because of its versatility. You can switch it to become transparent if you want some sunlight, and you can make it opaque if you prefer to block the light and heat.

Low maintenance

There is a popular misconception that smart glass is difficult to maintain like ordinary glass. Through the simple flick of a switch or voice command, you can always get a transparent or opaque look without going through the menial process of pulling down blinds or closing your windows. It is straightforward to use, and if you ever need to clean it, all you need is simple glass cleaners.


Smart glass is known for its versatility as it provides the benefits of regular glass, including other unique features that make it stands out in the glass market.


Using smart glass in your office will save the cost of replacing your partitions. They can last for years and remain as stylish and robust as they were when you purchased them. Thanks to the functionality of smart glass to be dismantled and rearranged, you can use the same glass multiple times in different buildings if you ever need to move.

Light Transmittance

Generally, glass enhances beauty, utilises spaces, and transmits natural light into homes, offices, and other facilities. With PDLC smart glass in your office, you can enjoy daylight transmittance within your control anytime. So, the privacy this glass provides does not equate to absolute darkness. After long working hours, you can look outside your glass window to relax your mind. This benefit of glass has been reported to help office workers have better productivity and good sleep patterns, which improves their mental and physical health.

Style and good aesthetics

Smart glass provides a modern, sleek look that is mostly preferred in corporate spaces. It gives your office a clean and contemporary appearance that will dazzle everyone who steps into it.

Projector Screen

Your office meetings and training events will go smoothly and efficiently when you use smart glass as a projector screen. It is easy to use, and it reflects images clearly. Implementing this would also save you the cost of getting the standard projector screen.


You can avoid intruders by installing smart glass all around your office building. The opaque view of switchable glass helps to prevent unwelcomed guests from seeing through a building or office.

Additionally, using smart glass also helps you to avoid injuries at work as it does not break easily except with extreme force. This glass also has the option to be made into a fireproof glass to help employees escape if there is a fire outbreak.

If you want your office to radiate a new and sophisticated aura, choose a smart switchable glass today by contacting Smart Glass Africa – your go-to smart glass provider.


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