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How Smart Glass Africa Is Changing The Narrative In Building Construction

Updated: May 20

Smart Glass Africa is changing the face of building construction across Africa. The company has a wide range of smart glass products that place buildings at the top of cutting-edge designs. With smart technology, Smart Glass Africa is fusing convenience with style and moving us away from the traditional housing experience. Building occupants have better interaction with their environment. Our smart glasses offer switchable privacy options, manoeuvred by remote control up to 25 meters away. This swift technology is gaining more integration into homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, entertainment houses and more.

With expertise and experience, we are infusing customised switchable glass options like coloured switchable glass, fire-resistant switchable glass, sound-insulating switchable glass, doubled–glazed units and more into building designs.

However, it is essential to note that our smart glass offers beyond privacy in the buildings they are installed in. Their versatility is as effective as well. Our switchable laminated safety glass has the dual advantage of providing aesthetics and safety in places of high-security risk.

However, what gives us the edge in building construction is that our products are not consigned to walls and window partitions alone. Using Smart Glass Africa's switchable technology creatively allows building occupants to enjoy some of the most jaw-dropping innovations the world has ever seen, from switchable glass floors to switchable glass stairs.

Drawing expertise from other display technologies, we have transformed our switchable glass into projection screens, a sought-after in conference rooms, malls and educational facilities. These unique features allow users to double it up as a smart display and partition solution as needed. Nevertheless, below are some of the most recognisable ways Smart Glass Africa is changing the narrative in building construction.

How Smart Glass Africa is Changing the Narrative in Building Construction

  • Building Entrance

Smart Glass Africa is helping building engineers move away from conventional wooden doors, particularly in commercial edifices like hotels and offices. Our switchable smart glass panel elevates the aesthetics of buildings to a new dimension. These leave a striking impression in their visitors' hearts and further distinguish them from other nearby structures.

Smart Glass Africa allows more brands and institutions to embrace customised designs. This creates additional room for bespoke design options for building entrances. Facility managers and brand promoters use our smart glass panels as screens to display and advertise their wares and services at building entrances.

  • Hospital Design

Like every other building construction, aesthetics is essential in hospital designs. Smart Glass Africa allows modern health practitioners to monitor the recovery of patients without compromising their privacy. With our switchable glass panels, caregivers create seamless partitioning techniques on hospital lobbies and wards and access abundant daylight. Furthermore, our switchable glass windows allow hospitals to maintain a more hygienic environment than traditional window blinds or curtains.

  • Hotel Design

Constructing a hotel is quite tasking due to the insatiable luxury taste of clients. It burdens the search for the latest designs and technologies to boost user experience. However, Smart Glass Africa is helping hoteliers meet these needs. Our switchable glass partitions amalgamate the bedroom and bathroom into a single space and provide much-needed privacy through the flick of a switch. These open-design plans for hotels allow natural light into the rooms, make the hotel rooms seem larger and eliminate ultraviolet radiation.

  • Improved Insulation

Our smart glass gives sound insulation and thermal benefits because of its double-layer design. They help make rooms more comfortable, warm, and calm. With our smart glasses, infrared radiation is reduced. This further controls interior temperature and cuts down the load on air-conditioning units. Facility owners are minimising energy bills by embracing this technology.

At Smart Glass Africa, we aim to bring style and aesthetics to building constructions in Africa at competitive prices and benchmark our installations on global best practices. Contact us and transform your facility with our innovative solutions.


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