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Maintaining Smart Glass

Updated: May 20

If you have smart glass in your home or office, you are probably aware of its benefits. From its privacy features to its ability to transform your space visually, smart glass is a welcome addition to any environment. To enjoy the glass, you must try to maintain it consistently. Maintaining smart glass can be easy if you follow the proper steps and procedures.

Some general tips for maintaining smart glass

  • Avoid abrasive objects: These are sharp or rough objects that could scour the screen. They can also damage the glaze within the glass, which makes it opaque.

  • Do not use excessive liquid when cleaning the glass: You do not want excess liquid dripping from your cleaning cloth onto the glass. The fluid can enter the electrical components and cause damage.

  • Turn off the power: Smart glass has electric components that control its privacy feature. You should turn off the power to avoid the risk of electrocution.

  • Avoid ammonia-based products: These cleaning solutions will deteriorate the smart glass over time. Their chemical composition is harsh on the privacy films in the glass.

  • Keep the smart switch remote safe: If your smart glass has a detached control, you must keep it carefully. If you lose the remote control, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the smart glass until the remote is replaced. We recommend installing a switch for extra control in an easily accessed area.

  • Avoid Touching the glass: Touching the glass excessively will leave fingerprints that are hard to rub out. It will also make the glass look dirty.

  • Cleaning Regularly: You should clean your glass walls or windows regularly. This would prevent dirt and debris from building up on the surface of the glass.

  • Regular Checks: For routine maintenance and checks of the electrical components in the glass, contact Smart Glass Africa.

Here are some must-have cleaning tools

  • Micro-fibre cloth: This material helps to clean your glass without leaving streaks or marks. They are also soft and durable. Avoid using any other material on your smart wall. Also, ensure that your microfibre cloth is lint-free.

  • Spray Bottle: This will allow you to avoid wetting the glass excessively. With spray bottles, you only put the amount of cleaning solution you need on the glass.

  • Gloves: With gloves, you avoid staining the glass with fingerprints. They also help to protect your hand from the cleaning solutions you are using. Gloves will prevent you from staining the glass further if your hands are oily or dirty.

  • Cleaning Solution: The best cleaning solution for your smart glass is isopropyl alcohol. Spray Isopropyl alcohol on the glass and wipe immediately with a lint-free cloth. Never allow alcohol or any liquid to drip to the base of the smart glass.

General Cleaning Procedure

  • Turn off the power: As we established earlier, the first thing to do before you clean the smart glass is to turn off the power source.

  • Clean the glass with a dry cloth: You should clean the glass to remove dust or other particles before cleaning with your cleaning solution or water. If you skip this step, the particles left on the glass surface can scratch it when you clean it with a solution.

  • Spray the glass: The next step is to spray the glass with the cleaning solution. Depending on the level of dirt on the glass, you can use different types of soft cleaning agents. For instance, you can use a more concentrated solution for tough and resistant stains.

  • Clean with Microfibre Cloth: After you have sprayed the glass with a solution, wipe immediately. This is done by gently scrubbing the glass from top to bottom. This would prevent dirt from staining areas you have previously cleaned.

  • Dry the glass: We advise that you dry the glass as soon as you finish cleaning it, especially if the glass is outdoors. Using a lint-free dry microfibre cloth will give you the best results.

Your smart glass can retain its lustre if you take care of it. Contact Smart Glass Africa today for your smart glass installation and maintenance.


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