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Benefits Of Installing Smart Glass In Meeting Rooms

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Large organisations' meeting rooms are usually partitioned by glass walls for privacy, but with a smart glass wall, you can derive the same benefit with just a button tap. By simply installing a smart glass wall for your meeting room, you can unlock a new experience for your workforce.

Installing smart glass in meeting rooms can provide a variety of benefits that improve the overall user experience and increase the efficiency of your business operations. Below are some of the benefits a business can gain by installing smart glass technology in their meeting rooms:

Remove Distractions

It is given that glass walls have a sleek and professional look, but they can allow people to be distracted by activities outside the room. With smart glass walls, you can block out distractions while conducting meetings and still open up the glass to let light in.

Smart glass walls allow you to conduct meetings in peace without distractions from the outside. It will enable the people involved in the meeting to stay focused because the privacy screen doesn't allow people to see the distractions outside the meeting area. If you started the session without switching on the smart screen, you could quickly turn on the privacy feature through a voice command or at the tap of a button. Also, the meeting could be a source of distraction to others outside the meeting room. With the smart glass, they can ignore the meeting and focus on their work.

Sense of Togetherness

Another benefit of smart glass walls is that they create a feeling of togetherness. They do this without making the overbearing and stuffy atmosphere of concrete walls. The meeting room will feel light, spacious, and conducive.

When working on projects that need a lot of attention and focus among team members, you could quickly move into the meeting room and turn on the privacy feature. With this, other people in the office know that an important meeting is taking place and disturbance is not needed.

Manage Space

Smart glass walls allow you to manage space better. Meeting rooms are usually in the centre of an office and take up a lot of space. Regular brick walls would only add to the meeting room's space and would not allow adequate natural light into the meeting room. Smart glass walls will enable you to illuminate your meeting room and manage the space within the office efficiently. The smart glass, even though it turns opaque, still allows light to pass through it. This would illuminate the meeting room with natural light and prevent it from feeling claustrophobic.

Smart glass walls are a great design choice for space savings within the office.


One of the significant benefits of smart glass in meeting rooms is its privacy feature. Smart glass turns opaque at the click of a button, allowing you to convene private meetings quickly. Private sessions occur in every office, and to maintain that privacy while creating a conducive environment, you should opt for smart glass in your meeting room.

Glass walls generally have a soundproofing effect, so you can be sure that all the meeting details would remain private. You can also hold meetings with clients whose identities you want to withhold from others. With smart glass walls, privacy is guaranteed.


Smart glass walls are a beautiful design choice for meeting and conference rooms. They add a touch of class and professionalism to the meeting room. They are also a great alternative to blinds and curtains for creating shade. They last longer than curtains that can look dated after a while.

They also add a modern look to the office's interior design, which can help attract clients looking for modern firms to work with. With smart glass, you can transform your office into a modern, world-class environment that will help you land new clients.

Projection Screen

Smart walls can be a screen to project presentation slides or videos onto. This is because of their signature privacy feature. When the glass has a matte privacy finish, it is as good as any dedicated projector screen. With good use of smart glass, you can forgo the cost of the projector screen while enjoying all the other benefits of smart glass, which we have listed above. Also, it is an excellent feature for any meeting room and will wow any clients you attend in that room.

Designing your meeting room with smart glass allows you to take advantage of these benefits. They improve the atmosphere and your working environment with their beauty while maintaining the privacy needed within an office building.

Get a quote from Smart Glass Africa today to add a touch of modernity to your meeting rooms.

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