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Smart Glass: Maximizing Efficiency And Safety In Hospitals & Clinics

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Modern healthcare facilities must adapt to numerous, frequently conflicting demands throughout their lifetime to provide designs that are more accessible for patients and staff.

Hospital designs that were once impersonal and sterile have evolved into one that prioritises patients and creates healing-friendly environments.

However, it is difficult to strike a balance between a patient's need for privacy and their need for environments that promote healing. Hospitals face the challenge of creating a clean and hygienic space without coming across as cold and impersonal. It can be challenging to strike the right balance between privacy and confidentiality in these facilities without making people feel isolated and closed off.

The installation of smart glass technology aids healthcare givers in creating healing environments for patients while upholding a sterile, adequate facility that reduces the risk of contamination. Incorporating smart glass walls into a hospital's design can help to create a welcoming and open environment while still upholding strict standards of cleanliness and confidentiality required of a health facility.

Using smart glass in hospitals and clinics offers many benefits over conventional walls. Some of the benefits are:

The health advantage of sunlight

Visualise receiving the maximum amount of bright sunlight streaming through a transparent, switchable glass pane and allowing both your staff and patient to enjoy it. Research shows that increased exposure to natural light during the day positively affects patient recovery and staff morale. Positive surroundings elevate mood, lessen depression and aid in developing a circadian rhythm in patients.

Similarly, it has been established that spending time in nature benefits physical and mental health.

Being in a hospital and feeling the daylight streaming in through the windows can make even the grumpiest sickly person smile.

Sunlight enhances vitamin D absorption, improves sleep, and encourages the positivity that your patients need.

Enhanced patient security and privacy

Need to give patients some alone time to rest and recover in quiet? You can do that with our Smart Glass without entering and exiting the rooms or wards.

Balancing patient privacy and confidentiality can be challenging without creating isolated and closed rooms. Smart glass provides the best of both worlds by quickly changing from clear to frost. The glass is easily switched to private whenever privacy is needed using a remote control, wall switch, automation system, or voice command.

This glass state conversion feature is also beneficial when there is no longer a need for privacy or when it is transformed into a clear open space. Medical staff can use Smart Glass to monitor patients' progress and make observations without contaminating or upsetting them, which is especially helpful when handling contagious cases.

A sanitary substitute for blinds and curtains

Conventional blinds and curtains are harder to keep clean because dust and bacteria can accumulate on their surfaces more easily. With our Smart Glass, thankfully, that is not the case.

To stop the spread of bacteria, viruses, or diseases, medical facilities place a high priority on cleanliness. The ability to install Smart Glass on existing glass windows makes cleaning and maintenance simpler and offers a more hygienic option for privacy in your hospital rooms.

Excellent control adaptability

The Smart Glass technology makes it incredibly easy to switch the window's state from transparent to dark and vice versa. Compared to regular glass, smart glass offers an unmatched level of flexibility and control. Medical staff can observe through a window that is crystal clear with just a tiny amount of electricity applied and activate a frosted state when it's powered off.

Additionally, smart glass, such as Pattern Blinds Smart Glass, maintains high performance, environmentally friendly, and safe functionality, which regular glass cannot.

The modernisation of medical facilities

Medical facilities do not have to be dull or disorganised. Our smart Glasses are an attractive, hassle-free substitute for adding privacy curtains in such circumstances. Remember that while simplicity is better as society develops, modern minimalism is the surest way.

At Smart Glass Africa, you can speak with an experienced and reputable team that can address any concerns and give you a list of potential solutions that will best meet your needs when settling for an option for your hospital and clinic. Refrain from trusting just anyone with your smart glass project.

Visit SMART GLASS AFRICA and have your project completed with the highest standard.

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